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Rimas & Ann C

Dear Mr. Reilly:

On March 14th, we had the pleasure of delivering our second child at Little Company of Mary Hospital. We had also delivered our first daughter at your hospital in May of 2008. We wanted to take the opportunity to express to you how pleased we have been with the care provided by your staff.

During both pregnancies and deliveries, we were blessed with excellent care and have spoken highly of your hospital and staff to all of our friends and family. Although our two daughters were born three years apart, we experienced consistency between staff and services. In fact, we were amazed that many of the same nurses cared for us during both deliveries and actually remembered us from our first pregnancy.


Our wonderful journey began with the excellent care provided by the Ob/Gyn group consisting of Dr. Christmas and her colleagues. Dr. Christmas was our primary physician and we have been thoroughly pleased by her professionalism, expertise and ability to relate to us. Furthermore, we had the opportunity to see almost all of the other physicians in the group and were just as pleased with the care provided by them. Dr. Doshi was the doctor who delivered our daughter, Evelina, on March 14th. We are truly grateful to her for delivering to us one of our greatest blessings. Dr. Doshi was a calm and even presence in the labor room. She worked well with the delivery nurses and provided excellent post-delivery care. When we were dealing with the anxiety of having our daughter in the NICU, Dr. Doshi's words were very reassuring and helped to ease our pain. Pre-natal and post-delivery care was also provided by Dr. Jones, Dr. Patani and Dr. Schwab, who were empathetic, friendly and responsive

to all our questions.


The next level of care we received was provided by the labor and delivery nurses and hospitalists who quickly admitted us when we entered the hospital. These ladies were friendly, communicative and empathetic. They addressed our needs immediately and maintained excellent communication with Dr. Doshi. It was clear that the staff had our best interests at heart as they willingly provided us with explanations of procedures. In fact, this staff often stayed past their shifts to ensure that we received appropriate care. Lori, Claire, and Colleen did an amazing job in helping our labor progress. They remained positive and supportive throughout the entire process. Lori had also been one of our labor and delivery nurses during our first pregnancy and we always remembered the integral role she played in the safe labor and delivery of our first daughter. In later days visiting our daughter in the NICU, we were pleasantly surprised to meet Claire, who had come down to check on our baby.And of course, we received fantastic care from the staff in the maternity ward. Although it was difficult to be without our baby, the nurses, assistants and doctors were sensitive to our situation. They repeatedly asked about our baby and were willing to help us in any way possible. When we were dealing with the uncertainty of our baby's condition, the staff gave us a shoulder to cry on and frequently checked in on us. All of the nurses were wonderful and provided amazing care. Kelly was a nurse who had provided care to us after both of our pregnancies. She remembered us from our last delivery three years ago and repeatedly demonstrated concern for us and our baby.


As we have already mentioned, our baby was in the NICU for ten days to treat pneumonia. We can't possibly express enough gratitude to the NICU nurses and doctors who took care of our precious baby. Although it was tormenting to leave the hospital without our daughter, we felt blessed to have her in the care of such terrific people. These individuals were gentle, patient, empathetic, knowledgeable and caring. We took comfort in their repeated explanations of procedures as well as sharing of personal stories. The staff took care of us as much as they did our daughter, understanding that our comfort and knowledge were integral components of our daughter's recovery. Thanks to these individuals, not only

did our daughter recover so did we. We experienced nursing challenges with both our daughters. The support provided by the lactation consultants led to successful breastfeeding with both girls. Chris provided daily support while we were in the hospital after both deliveries. She also provided a shoulder to cry on when we were coping with our daughter's diagnosis and treatment in the NICU. She checked in on us repeatedly, even after we had been discharged from the hospital and returned to visit our baby. Eileen and the breastfeeding group were also a significant source of support as well as an outlet for getting out of the house and interacting with other mothers and babies. We continue to attend the group.

During our hospital stay, we encountered many other hospital staff who were all friendly, professional and courteous. Some of these individuals

included the ultrasound technicians, transport staff, front desk staff, and baby photographer. We felt comfortable and well cared for when interacting with all ofthese individuals.

Finally, we want to mention our family physician, Dr. Dragisic. Although he is not an employee of the hospital, we wanted you to be aware of the phenomenal care he has provided to our family since we began seeing him. Dr. Dragisic has been a trusted seminal of information, advice and support. He has always treated us with respect and compassion. Furthermore, Dr. Dragisic’s sense of humor and realistic approach have made him personable and approachable. We completely trust him and the medical care he provides.

Overall, it is clear that the staff who work at Little Company of Mary Hospital or who are associated with the hospital view their work as meaningful and valuable. In our minds, we will always think of these individuals whenever we think of Little Company of Mary.

Please accept our sincerest gratitude,


Rimas and Ann C.

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